Summer Solstice 2014

It is 2014 and we are at the point in time when the earth begins to move to show its southern half to the sun. Tomorrow the light of day will begin to become less and the darkness more. I mourn each year at the summer solstice. Why could we not have summer light all year around? It would certainly help in the cold of winter.

Last year, while I recognized this day, I did not much care. I was recovering from a broken arm and surgery to repair the break; I required lots of rest and sleep. I slept away those long, daylight hours.

I cannot believe this day is here again. It grieves me. I love to leave Vespers on Saturday evenings with the light still bright in the sky.

We seemed to have such a long winter this year. People were beginning to freak out. I have a friend, a social worker, who believes everyone in Wisconsin should be on Prozac at least six months of the year. I am on Prozac, and learned a hard lesson never to go off it again, especially during the winter, especially when I am under stress. It took me down – the decision to stop taking my medication.

We had a long winter. It only just ended. We have finally had a string of nice days, but now, once again it’s summertime. And the longest day of the year is here. I feel sad. I need a longer spring. I need long days to continue for a long time. But they won’t, I know. In just two months the sun will be going down before 7:30 p.m.

I guess the best I can do is try to enjoy what’s left of long evenings — take late evening walks; just recognize and enjoy the light and warmth after Vespers each Saturday; enjoy being able to drive to a friend’s home after work or dinner, while it is still light, and maybe even come home before it is completely dark

The trees are still full with summer-green leaves, flowers still abound, grass is deep green, young ducks still swim in the pond. Enjoy the moment, for it will soon be gone.


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