The phone is silent.

I wait for a call that may increase my small bank account this week.

I am up very early, waiting to hear

That someone can’t make it to their receptionist/secretarial job

In some school in the local school district.

I need the work.

Only for so much time can I try to write,

Try to compose.

Looking for work begins to feel useless.

I am 65 and behind on computer skills.

The jobs available are often not suitable for my skills and expertise.

I want to write. Write with a purpose.

I’m good with people. I love being receptionist.

But even clerical jobs require proficiency in

Microsoft office – Word, Excel, Etc.

I can learn these skills.

But I need on the job experience.

Tutorials only get you so far, they don’t make you proficient.

So I wait by the phone. And I try to write.

And I wonder what will become of me.


March 19, 2014.


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