A Sonnet: Day’s End, Commuter Style

Written for a World Lit class at the College of DuPage, in 1970

It’s five o’clock and at the close of day

The streets are filled with people who are done

With work, and hurry quickly on their way

To catch a bus, a train, some transportation

That will get them to their various homes.

It’s spring, or so the calendar proclaims.

Snow, sleet, and slush the earth embalm

With white; the weather still old Winter claims.

To some the thought of home brings glad retreat

From all the din the city brings. Their trains

Transport them to suburbia where they meet

The glimpse of what the end of daylight reigns.


The sunset of another day has spread

It’s brilliant rays of light on earth’s white bed.


— Ginni Freshour


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